How an a Struggling Marketing Agency Closed $165K in Sales in Just 6 Weeks Using the "Blade Agency Builder"

(Without Ever Hopping on a Sales Call!)

Our Results Speak for Themselves...


Steven from E-Commerce Marketing Agency Closed $165k in Just 6 Weeks

Vibrant Service Agency over 15 Calls in 2 Weeks worth over $9k Each!

George M. and the McGehrin Group Generated over 115 Appointments with our System

Booked Calls Each Week

πŸ‘πŸ» Quality Booked Appointments to Fill Your Pipeline

πŸ“† Filling up Your Calendar with Qualified Leads is one of the most frustrating parts about running an agency. Don't worry, with our Supercharged Booked Call System, we got you covered.

πŸ“² Access To A Full-Time Sales Closer To Land You More Deals

πŸ‘” Once Calls are Booked, then what? Tap into our Network of Professional Sales Closers to bring in More Revenue for Your Agency.

πŸ€‘ Predictable & Scalable System πŸ€‘

A predictable and scalable system... For every $1 You put in, You'll get on average $5 Back. We call it the ROI Cash Machine.

Look, chances are you are either looking for an opportunity to launch your digital agency, or really take your current agency to the next level...

Here's the thing though, we will do it all FOR you!

There are 3 ESSENTIAL elements for any Marketing Agency to Thrive:

βœ… 1. A TEAM that can deliver πŸ”results.

βœ… 2. Reliable, High-quality LEADS.

βœ… 3. SALES skill to convert your leads.

Without these 3 things:

❌ You're just a freelancer with an 'LLC'.

❌ Your pipeline dries up & you have NO potential clients.

❌ No sales, No $$$

The Blade Agency Builder Comes With:

​1. Pre-vetted & HIGHLY-SKILLED contractors to handle all your clients work.

2. READY-TO-GO Qualified Leads, willing to pay you πŸ’°

3. An ELITE 7-Figure Closer to bring your deals 🏑

Are you going to be our next 6 Figure Agency? πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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