For Digital Agencies

The BLADE AGENCY BUILDER Will Transform Your Agency into a Client Acquisition Machine

Guaranteed to:

✅ Help Your Agency Grow and Scale (no matter if you’re a freelancer or already established)

✅ Fill Your Calendars to the Brim with your Dream Clients by using a Customized "Call Faucet" so you never have Empty Calendars again

✅ Allow You to Step Away from the Daily Grind and become the True CEO of your Agency by establishing the right systems and processes (and avoiding burnout)

✅ Finally Master Client Acquisition with our Sales Coaching and 7 Figure Sales Scripts that close high ticket clients which means predictable income for your agency

Imagine a Predictable Flow of Clients for your agency...

So you're never stuck in the hamster wheel of Revenue high's and low's.

Allowing you to become the True CEO of your agency giving you the freedom you’ve always wanted.

A Predictable and Profitable Way to scale your agency even if you’re a solo freelancer or already established Agency.

Blake Whitford of Whitford Digital is finally getting the Coaching he needs to scale his SEO Agency. He was relying on referrals for too many years but after the pandemic hit, his lead sources dried up. He needed a predictable client acquisition system. And closed a $30K LTV deal by using our sales training!

The sad reality is:

Most agencies are living in the constant feast or famine.

The never ending hamster wheel of good months and bad months.

You’re desperate for consistency, predictability and profitability.

You might have been relying on referrals but then the pandemic hit and all of sudden leads dried up.

You might have been using LinkedIn to connect with prospects but now LinkedIn is cracking down limiting your outreach.

You’re cold emailing prospects only to find out your emails never even reach their inbox. Being flagged for spam time and time again.


Steven from E-Commerce Marketing Agency Closed $165k in Just 6 Weeks

So the question is:

How do you generate high quality leads each and every week AND close them consistently?

Cause let’s face it:

Sales is really f***ing hard.

Closing a lead that you don’t know over the phone is a very challenging hurdle.

Do you feel confident that if we filled your calendar with 10-20 High Quality Prospects each and every week (that don’t fully know who you are), that you can close them on 1 phone call?

If not that's ok! We've heard all the objections you'll get from prospects.

Our 7 Figure Sales Scripts will solve exactly that ;)

John was struggling to close deals. He didn't come from a Sales background so handling online leads was very new to him. After 8 weeks in the program, our Sales coaching turned his Agency around helping him close his first $12k deal with $4k recurring.

What if you could have a plug and play client acquisition system that simply works?

Giving you peace of mind that every step of the way you will have the coaching, resources and pipeline of qualified prospects ready to pay you.

After working with us and our team, you will no longer struggle to close clients. You will have a customized "call faucet" that you can turn on full blast to fill your calendar each and every week with your dream clients.

And not just any clients, clients that are hungry for your services and have their wallet out and "ready to buy" so you no longer need to waste time with tire-kickers.

After building out her pipeline of prospects, Katy tapped into our 7 Figure Closing Network. By leveraging their sales skills, she now can step away from the business and still generate predictable revenue.

The Blade Agency Builder is...

Be in full control of client acquisition for your Agency as we show you how to attract your dream clients. Then once they fill your pipeline, we train you to close like a sales king!

Throughout the 10 Week Program, you will get ongoing weekly coaching and mentorship on establishing a pipeline of quality prospects, 7 Figure sales training and client retention.

Be a part of an online community of agency owners that will motivate you to reach new heights! Share your successes and failures throughout the journey and always have group support every step of the way.

Vibrant Service Agency generated over 15 Calls in 2 Weeks worth over $9k Each!

George M. Generated over 115 Appointments with his custom "Booked Call Faucet"

Calendars Filled to the Brim with Qualified Prospects

Closed Deals Feel So Good!

AND $2,000 CASH (*Ricky add an image for $2,000 cash)**

In fact, we are so confident in the Blade Agency Builder that if you don’t make back your investment with us, we will refund you 110%, no questions asked. AND $2,000 CASH JUST FOR WASTING YOUR TIME!

That’s how confident we are that your agency will succeed.

I’m sure you’ve heard this all what really makes the team at Blade different?

We actually care about your success.

We are sick and tired of all the gurus over-promising and under-delivering.

You leave their programs further behind then where you started and thousands $$$ flushed down the toilet.

That’s why we want to keep the program small so you get the personal attention you deserve to run a successful marketing agency.

And this isn't some fake scarcity tactic I'm trying to throw at you. This is a new program and we are only taking on a few agencies to ensure we give you the personalized attention you need.

So I don’t kid when I say, there are limited spots available until we open enrollment again in the future.

We're ready to make your agency our next success story.

Ben Hochheiser is the Co-Founder of Blade Marketing where him and his team consult with clients on sales, marketing, and business development tactics. With a combined social media following of over 100k, Hochheiser biggest goal is to continue influencing up and coming entrepreneurs. His 7 Figure Sales System transforms Marketing Agencies into Closing Machines.

For over 5 years, Nathan has been working with Marketing agencies showing them the ins and outs of online marketing including Landing Pages, Sales Copywriting, Facebook/Instagram Ads and more. He will help you design your own custom "Booked Call Faucet" blasting your calendars to the brim with your dream clients. Don't have time to build your own? His team also offers DFY services.

Don't Worry! The Blade Agency Builder is tailored to your Agency. All Niches Welcome!

How Long is the Program?

The Blade Agency Builder is a Comprehensive 10 Week Program designed to show your agency how to master client acquisition from generating high ticket booked calls into your calendar all the way to closing deals using our 7 Figure Sales Training.

Will the Blade Agency Builder work for my agency? I offer a variety of digital services.

Yes, SEO, Web Design, Google Ads, PPC, Facebook Ads. If you’re an agency that provides digital services, this is for you.

What if I want DFY and not just Coaching?

We offer DFY too! Just book a call so we can go over your options with you.

What if this doesn't work?

We are so confident in this program. If you don't see your return on investment, we refund you 110%, guaranteed.

Do I get to own my custom booked call system?

Of Course, your booked call funnel is your asset and you will get lifetime access to all training materials, coaching calls, templates, scripts and more!

If I can't make the weekly coaching calls, do I get access to the recordings?

Yes of course! You will get access to all call recordings, scripts, templates, plug and play funnels and more in our Knowledge Kingdom.

What Niches does the Blade Agency Builder serve?

Our team of experts have worked in a vast array of niches and our specialized framework can be applied to any of them. If your agency serves Finance, Medical, Gyms, Agencies, Consultants, Coaches, and more...We do them all. And if you don't have a niche you serve, our team of experts will help you pick one and even craft an offer so you get maximum ROI! We customize a game plan for your agency, find your perfect customer and plug into the system. BOOM! Booked Appointments and Closed Deals.

Will I be able to talk with other agency owners in the program?

Of course! Our Private Facebook Group is growing quickly where you will receive updates each and every week, be able to chat with other members and receive accountability throughout ensuring the success of your agencies growth!

What is the Price of the Blade Agency Builder?

We have multiple tiers that fit your budget within the 10 Week Program so you get the necessary mentorship and coaching which allows your agency to scale lightning fast! Book a call to learn more!

Now we get it. You don’t us and we don’t know you. After all, hopping on a phone call to discuss your agencies future is a commitment. We know that.

But let me ask you:

If all this did was consistently bring in an extra $5k per month ($60k in Yearly Revenue), for your agency, would it worth it?

If all this did was give you a full pipeline of qualified prospects where you wake up to a calendar with clients eager to speak with you, would it be worth it?

If all this did was give you the sales knowledge you needed to finally close new clients (predictably) every single month, would it be worth it?

I think you know what to do...Smash that red button below. Let's take your agency to the next level!